SOLARPUNK.COOL The place where all the cool kids hang out. A calendar, a message board, everything you need. I stream classes here! The incredibly lovely Zach hosts fun holistic computer and coding workshops here, too.
Library of Teachings A fantastic archive of hundreds of Kundalini yoga kriyas and lectures. If you are interested in learning more about Kundalini yoga straight from the "source," this is a really good place to start. You need to sign up but it's free.
F.LUX Too much screen time can really mess up your circadian rhythms and give you headaches and insomnina. It's also supposed to fuck with your hormones??? Bad news all around; install F.lux to help combat the blue light.
3HO The official Kundalini yoga organization, 3HO - Happy, Healthy, Holy. They were the first group to practice Kundalini in the west and are still very strong and proud, 50 years later. Debateably a cult, but a very nice one! Lots of kriyas, meditations, recipes, articles, etc.
The MA Project A prayer chain held in 84 2-hour slots, running 24/7/365. Started by Kathe Izzo, this chain is open to all femmes or those who feel called to the Shakti energy. An awesome, self-expanding experience.
RA MA TV A variety of recorded Kundalini yoga and meditation classes c/o RA MA Institute. You can pay for a membership but they also put up free streams every week.