I come back to these again and again, if I don't already use them on the regular.

Library of Teachings A fantastic archive of hundreds of Kundalini yoga kriyas and lectures. If you are interested in learning more about Kundalini yoga straight from the "source," this is a really good place to start. You need to sign up but it's free.
3HO The _official_ Kundalini yoga organization, 3HO - Happy, Healthy, Holy. They were the first group to practice Kundalini in the west and are still very strong and proud, 50 years later. Debateably a cult, but a very nice one! Lots of kriyas, meditations, recipes, articles, etc.
The MA Project A prayer chain held in 84 2-hour slots, running 24/7/365. Started by Kathe Izzo, this chain is open to all femmes or those who feel called to the Shakti energy. An awesome, self-expanding experience.

I stream classes here! The incredibly lovely Zach hosts fun holistic computer and coding workshops here, too.

RA MA TV A variety of recorded Kundalini yoga and meditation classes c/o RA MA Institute. You can pay for a membership but they also put up free streams every week.